Microsoft buys a tiny Italian startup to boost one of its biggest bets

Tom Davis CEO SolairSolairSolair CEO and founder Tom Davis

Microsoft has purchased tiny Italian startup Solair to boost its credibility in the fast-growing “Internet of Things” smart-device market, it announced in a blog entry.

Solair’s technology allows businesses quickly gather and analyse the data from connected gadgets. For instance, Microsoft writes, the Rancillo Group is using Solair’s platform to collect data from their leased-out espresso machines and see when they need service or restocking.

This is a major area of investment for Microsoft: Beyond just the smart home, big factories, dairy farms, and other industrial=companies are turning to connected devices and robotics to move faster and work smarter.

And so, the Redmond giant is pitching its Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform as the ideal place for businesses to work with their smart devices. That makes Solair a perfect fit, as Microsoft looks to boost its intelligence in this market.

Solair, founded in 2011, had not publicly taken any venture capital cash from outside investors, and has 37 employees listed on LinkedIn. Founder and CEO Tom Davis and the rest of the Solair team will join Microsoft.

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