Microsoft To Advertisers: Buy Our Clips, Please

Microsoft’s message to advertisers: We have a lot of video to sell. Want to buy some?

Mediaweek reports that Microsoft (MSFT) showed off an “ambitious slate” of Web video it owns, but doesn’t have sponsors for.  We don’t know about the ambitious part, because we haven’t seen these ourselves. Who knows? Maybe they really are good.

In any case, there are a bunch of them:


  • “In Need Of Repair”: a comedic home improvement show
  • “The Men’s Room”: fashion advice for men
  • “Seven Secrets About …”: celebrity news
  • “50 Greatest”: a spoof of VH1’s list shows
  • “What In The Earth Is Going On?”: a series for the activist-minded

  • “Tom Brokaw’s Turning Points”: revisits coverage of past elections
  • “ZeitGeist”: a show hosted by MSNBC host Willie Geist
  • “The Scoop”: another celeb-centered Web series
  • “The World Is Flat”: off shoot of Thomas Friedman book on globalization

Xbox 360:

  • “Scary Funny”: horror/comedy show from producers of “Scary Movie”
  • “Culture Smash”: pop culture and entertainment
  • “Xtwins”: long-legged twin sisters play Guitar Hero and Halo 3.

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