Leaked Microsoft Document Reveals Secret Strategy To Kill Apple iPhone

Apple’s multi-touch user interface, which lets you “pinch” zoom in maps, photos, and Web pages, is a big reason that it blew past other touchscreen phones from the likes of Microsoft’s (MSFT) Windows Mobile partners. And it’s a big reason that people are excited about Palm’s forthcoming Pre smartphone.

So it makes sense that Microsoft would require multi-touch support for its next-generation smartphones. At least, that’s according to supposed leaked spec documents for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 7, obtained by ZDNet’s Microsoft axe Mary-Jo Foley.

Good move. When Windows Mobile 7 comes out next year, it’ll be silly to offer a smartphone that you can’t zoom around by pinching the screen. Apple and Palm will have made that an expected feature by then. (And it’s very intuitive. Google and RIM will have to catch up, too.)

Then we’ll see how good the rest of Microsoft’s offering will be. And whether Apple will flex any multi-touch patents it controls.

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