Here's what you can earn working at Microsoft

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has been at the helm for a little over a year.

As Business Insider has learned from talking with employees, it’s exciting to work at Microsoft again, thanks to the company’s increased transparency, more open culture, and promising new products. Plus, the stock has hit a 14-year high

There’s also the pay.

The 40-year-old company employs some 128,000 people, and judging from the self-reported salaries on Glassdoor, its pay is on par with other tech giants

Here’s the combined compensation — salary and bonus — for 15 of the top gigs at Microsoft: 

1. User Experience Designer: $US114,211
2. Software Development Engineer: $US116,213
3. Program Manager: $US121,685 
4. Application Development Manager: $US134,722
5. Premier Field Engineer: $US135,901
6. Senior Software Development Engineer: $US173,320
7. Researcher: $US193,747
8. Product Management Director: $US230,615
9. Marketing Director: $US235,386 
10. Principal Architect: $US253,327
11. Finance Director: $US284,933
12. Senior Attorney: $US291,197 
13. Principal Development Manager: $US294,221
14. Senior Director: $US311,413 
15. General Manager: $US457,382

For more positions, explore the earnings on Glassdoor, and if you want to get a gig at Microsoft, consider these schools

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