Microsoft's First Retail Stores Opening In Arizona, California

apple store windows 7

Microsoft (MSFT) will open its first two retail stores this fall in Scottsdale, Arizona and Mission Viejo, California, CNET reports.

Microsoft seems to be picking “real America” locations for its first stores, and not trying to open with a bang. Perhaps that’s also to work out the kinks and make sure they’re not a flop on Fifth Avenue. The Mission Viejo store will be located in a mall that has an Apple store. 

The stores will sell laptops, mobile gaming products and software from Microsoft and other brands.

Microsoft spokeswoman Kim Stocks told CNET that the stores will aim at making PC-buying easier:

“Our customers have told us three things–they want a more simplified buying option for PCs and devices, great technology, and competitive prices and a knowledgeable staff.”

Stocks also told the AP that the stores are a way for Microsoft “to introduce consumers to its products in person,” but that they will not replace big electronic stores, or serve as showrooms.

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