You Have To Read This Blistering Response From Microsoft's PR Boss On Its 'Lost Decade'

We missed this when it was first posted, but it’s so good, we have to post it here.

Vanity Fair had a big expose on Microsoft in its August issue about the company’s “Lost Decade.” The story largely went over old material and said Microsoft’s internal employee grading system led to it missing the boat in the mobile and tablet markets.

Microsoft’s communications chief, Frank X. Shaw, sick of reading about Vanity Fair decided to hit back in a blistering Facebook comment that was picked up Neowin. Shaw was apparently responding to a TechCrunch story, thus the references to “Biggs.”

Anyway, Shaw has a point here. Microsoft has done well on a financial basis. But, the fact that it missed the two most important computing trends of the last decade is something that can’t be ignored. (Also, bragging about Bing seems like a bad idea since it’s a huge money loser that hasn’t slowed down Google.)

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Photo: Facebook Screenshot

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