Microsoft Refuses To Answer This Simple, Critical Question About Windows Phone Software

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Photo: Matt Lynley, Business Insider

There was a lot of confusion late last night and this morning about whether or not the current line of Windows Phones would get the upgrade to the next major version of the OS. We tried reaching out to Nokia (the maker of the Lumia 900 flagship Windows Phone) and Microsoft to clear things up.

Nokia deferred comment to Microsoft.

Microsoft wouldn’t even address the question. Instead a rep told us all Windows Phone 7 apps will run on Windows Phone 8. That statement has nothing to do with current Windows Phones getting the upgrade.

We asked the question a few different ways, but kept getting shot down.

We really want to know because, The Verge, citing anonymous sources with knowledge of Microsoft’s plans, reported the Lumia 900 and other Windows Phones will not get the next big software update.

Microsoft would not deny The Verge’s report either.

If The Verge’s sources are correct, then those who bought the new Lumia 900 will be running outdated software by the end of the year when Microsoft launches the next version of Windows Phone.

In other words Microsoft is going to totally shaft Lumia 900 owners. We would be furious if we were buying a Lumia. The phone will be obsolete in the fall then when the new Microsoft software comes out.

Microsoft needs to get out in front of this story right now. If The Verge is right, then Microsoft is essentially telling people not to buy a phone until the fall. If the Verge is wrong, then no biggie. Either way, Microsoft needs to answer the question.

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