LIVE: Microsoft Earnings!

Steve BallmerMicrosoft CEO Steve Ballmer

Microsoft is about to report earnings.

We’ll have the numbers as soon as possible. 

This post is being updated as we go, so click here for the latest, or just hit refresh on your browser. 

Analysts are expecting $0.75 EPS, and revenue of $20.73 billion, according to Yahoo Finance

It’s been another bad quarter for the PC market, with sales falling double digits yet again. 

Microsoft managed to do just fine last quarter when the PC market was crumbling, so perhaps it will do well again.

The company is being carried by Office and its Servers and Tools business. Every time an iPhone or an Android is fired up, a company needs servers to support it. Microsoft’s servers business has benefited from mobile, something not many people talk about. 

Last quarter, Microsoft was also helped by sales of the Surface, its tablet computer. It doesn’t seem like the Surface is selling all that well, but it may be selling well enough to keep Windows in decent shape despite the weakness in the PC market. 

Well find out the answer to all these questions shortly, so stay tuned!

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