Here's what Microsoft's new 'Project Spartan' web browser will look like

Microsoft gave us a quick glimpse at its next web browser — codenamed Project Spartan —back in January, but a new video shows some of the web browser’s newest features in action.

The folks over at WinBeta have managed to get their hands on an early copy of Project Spartan, according to The Verge, and their video walkthrough demonstrates how the browser will see close integration with Cortana, Microsoft’s own Siri-like virtual assistant.

In an effort to make browsing the web more efficient, Cortana will be able to glean important information from websites like store hours, phone numbers, and addresses. Cortana lets you know if she’s been able to pull any helpful information by jumping up and down in your search bar. Click on Cortana’s circular symbol, and a side bar is brought up that presents what she found in a tidy format.

Cortana can also easily pull up directions without even leaving the current web page, which could end up being handy when you’re in a rush and don’t want to head over to Google.

Similar to Apple’s own “define” tool in OS X Yosemite, Cortana also features an “ask Cortana” option that will define or look up more information on a highlighted word.

Want to quickly check out the weather? Just type “weather” into the browser’s search bar and Cortana will bring it up instantly.

So when will you be able to try Project Spartan out for yourself?

Microsoft has promised Project Spartan will be included in Windows 10, which could launch as early as June 2015. If you have a Microsoft account, however, Microsoft recently announced that Project Spartan will be included in the upcoming Windows 10 preview that is available later this month.

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