Microsoft Picks Up WSJ Ad Network (MSFT, NWS): No Details, But A Couple Questions

Microsoft has bagged another high-profile search ad client – News Corp.’s WSJ Ad Network, which claims 20 million uniques cobbled together via the, MarketWatch, etc. That’s about it in the way of details: The release announcing the news says nothing about money, length of deal, etc.

So in the absence of any information, we can pose a couple questions:
• NWS already has a three-year, $900 million pact with Google for MySpace and its other Fox Interactive Media (FIM) properties. Why not strike another Google deal for the WSJ sites?
• FIM execs have also talked about launching their own ad network, one that would start off by leveraging their own sites but would ideally extend to other News Corp. properties. How does this deal affect those plans?

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