Microsoft Patents Ridiculous Page Up/Page Down Function

Have you ever been pissed that your Page Up button didn’t go up an actual physical page (instead of just going up one screen)? If you have, then you’ll be happy that Microsoft (MSFT) put three engineers to work solving that problem and now they’ve been granted a patent. From the description of the patent (from, via techdirt):

When a user wants to consistently review a particular area of each page, for example, such as to inspect the content in each page’s header or footer, the user has to use multiple key presses per page, unless the user can tolerate (and is knowledgeable enough to know to set) a zoom percentage that causes a Page Up or Page Down to jump the precise amount.

So if you don’t know how to set a zoom percentage, and you can’t tolerate the current Page Up/Page Down functions, then you’re probably ecstatic. The rest of will shake our heads, and wonder how Jerry Seinfeld can sell this.

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