Microsoft Paid Nokia $250 Million To Switch To Windows Phone, And That’s Only The First Payment

stephen elop nokia lumia 900

[credit provider=”Ellis Hamburger, Business Insider”]

Microsoft paid Nokia $250 million in Q4 2011 to switch to Windows Phone, Nokia’s financials released yesterday reveal and SlashGear reports.Previously, Nokia had committed much of its smartphone efforts to the antiquated and ultimately doomed Symbian operating system.

The $250 million is part of a series of “platform support payments” Microsoft will pay Nokia to continue using and collaborating on Windows Phone.

These support payments in combination with “software royalty commitments” will amount to billions of dollars in the long run.

More fun facts from Nokia’s earnings yesterday: the company did ship more than one million Windows Phones as we’d previously heard, but lost about $1.4 billion in profits in 2011, down 43% year over year.

Remember, though, that Nokia’s first Windows Phone only hit shelves in November.

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