The best email app for iOS and Android is from Microsoft, and it’s about to get better

When Microsoft announced its intent to shut down Sunrise, the very popular calendar app it bought in 2015, the company also promised that it wouldn’t kill Sunrise before its best features came to Outlook for Android and iPhone.

That day just got a little closer with the announcement that Outlook for iOS and Android will be getting integrations with Facebook, Evernote, and Microsoft’s own Wunderlist app.

That’s the kind of integration Sunrise is known for  — it means that your Outlook calendar can fill itself with Facebook events, Evernote reminders, and Wunderlist tasks. 

The basic philosophy behind the smartphone versions of Outlook is that people waste a lot of time switching between email and their calendar, so why not put them in the same place? By sucking in data from outside apps, you’ll have to switch even less. 

Microsoft is calling this feature “Calendar Apps,” with the promise that more outside services will be getting the Outlook integration treatment sooner rather than later. In a blog post, Microsoft also says Sunrise’s “Connected Calendars” feature for integrating with outside calendar services like Google Calendar is coming soon.

It’s all good news for users of Outlook on iOS and Android, and a further demonstration of Microsoft’s newfound commitment to playing nice with the competition.

But it’s also one step closer to the edge for Sunrise’s devoted fans, as its sunset approaches.

Here’s a GIF showing how it works with Evernote:


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