LEAKED: This Microsoft app lets you copy from Windows and paste to Android or iPhone

Microsoft Clippy

Microsoft is working on a clipboard app called OneClip that lets you copy text from your Windows desktop and share it on your iOS, Android, or Windows phone — or vice versa — making sure you have the text you need where you need it.

“Copy once, paste anywhere,” promises the Windows Store description of the OneClip beta version for Windows Phone.

The existence of OneClip (and its cross-platform ambitions) was revealed by Twitter user h0x0d, the same person who uncovered the existence of Microsoft’s email chat app Flow earlier this week.

It apparently uses OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud service, to make the transition between platforms possible, according to Windows Central.

H0x0d’s Twitter also pointed at another under-the-radar Microsoft app called Revolve that “prepares you for every conversation in every meeting” with “relevant insights about the people you’re going to meet,” according to the Windows Store description.

This one doesn’t come with the beta tag, but the lack of Microsoft marketing means that the company probably isn’t quite ready to push this one to the workplace just yet. There’s no mention there of other platforms it would come to, either, but Microsoft has been really aggressive about pushing its apps across platforms.

In fact, Microsoft has been doubling down on cross-platform productivity applications of late, with a heavy focus on making even its most cutting-edge apps available on non-Windows platforms like the iPhone, where before they’d try to push these features as Windows exclusives. Maybe it’s a new Microsoft after all.

Microsoft didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. We’ll update this post if we get anything substantial from the company.

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