MacBook Users Say Microsoft Office Is 'Practically Unusable' On Retina Display

Using a MacBookDon’t look.

Photo: Flickr/IntelFreePress

MacBook Pro users are lobbying Microsoft to make Microsoft Office work better with the high-resolution Retina Display screen used in Apple’s latest MacBook Pro computers, reports Gregg Keizer at Computerworld.Complaints started rolling in as comments on a July 25 blog post by the Office for Mac team.

That post had declared the software suite to be “ready for Mountain Lion,” the latest version of Apple’s Mac operating system software.

Commenters told Microsoft that the Office suite on Retina was “dreadful,” “very fuzzy” and “blurry.” One said that Office for Mac 2011 on Apple’s super-sharp, 5.1 million-pixel Retina screen “is practically unusable.”

Only one app in the suite supports the display. That’s Outlook 2011, the Office for Mac team said in reply to the comments. There’s no announced plans for the others to be upgraded.

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