COME ON MICROSOFT: If People Want Office On The iPad And Android, Don't Be Stupid About It

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Photo: The Daily

At this point, its almost crazy that Microsoft hasn’t formally announced plans to bring Microsoft Office to the iPad and Android.rumours are again circulating that it will do just that, and in November, according to a story posted in BGR

Microsoft had no comment. Last time these rumours surfaced, Microsoft had plenty to say. The  app was reportedly leaked to The Daily in February and it caused a big flap. Microsoft denied the app was authentic and said that photo was fake. The Daily said Microsoft’s protests were a crock because someone at Microsoft actually showed them the demo.

In the end, we settled for the story that what The Daily saw was just a test, not an actual planned product.

But here’s the thing. Microsoft is crazy if it doesn’t release Office for the iPad, Android and any other device out that people use. The company doesn’t just make an operating system — it makes business software and that software is very profitable. Why should the operating system side get to hamstring the business software side?

Yes, Microsoft will be selling its own Windows 8 tablets later this year. And it is obviously tempting for Microsoft to try and keep its flagship MS Office product exclusive to its own operating system. But long ago Microsoft decided to make software for the Mac (including Microsoft Office by the way). So iOS — and Android for that matter — should be no different.

As we’ve said before, by building first-class native versions of Office for every single popular platform out there, Microsoft will keep companies signing those lucrative long-term licence agreements to cover all those Office seats. From there, Microsoft can keep them signing licenses for its data centre products like Exchange (email), SharePoint (collaboration), Lync (videoconferencing).

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