Microsoft Now Has 70,000 Apps In Its Windows 8 Store

Tami RellerMicrosoft’s Tami Reller

One of the big gripes about Windows 8 is the lack of apps.

Last week, there were 60,000 apps in the store, Tami Reller, Microsoft’s chief marketing officer for Windows said in an interview.

Today, she says there’s 70,000 apps.

That’s a big jump.

Reller also emphasised that many of the consumer apps people want are starting to appear on Windows 8: Urban Spoon, Twitter, MLB.TV, Museums of the World.

Reller’s colleague, Julie Larson-Green, who leads Windows 8 development, last week defended the app selection, too, Speaking at the 2013 Wired Business Conference in New York, she said, “We have more apps now in our store than Apple had the first whole year.”

That’s true. But because Windows 8 competes with both Apple’s PCs and its tablets, Windows 8 is today competing with a huge selection of iOS apps. As of March, Apple’s iOS store had over 800,000 apps, 333,000 for the iPad.

Still, 10,000 apps in a week is a progress and gives hope that Microsoft can turn the Windows 8 train around.

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