Microsoft: The NFL's Surface tablets haven't broken once -- not even when Johnny Manziel beat his head on one

Johnny ManzielCBS SportsJohnny Manziel beats his head on a Surface tablet.

In a blog post today, Microsoft expands on its explanation for what went wrong with its Surface tablets during an NFL game last weekend between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos.

TV commentators said during the game that the Patriots were having some trouble with the tablets.

But Microsoft insists the tablets weren’t broken. Rather, it was an issue with the wireless Internet in the stadium. 

In fact, Microsoft says, “Microsoft Surfaces have not experienced a single failure in the two years they have been used on NFL sidelines.” That’s after almost 100,000 minutes of “sideline action,” Microsoft says. 

Moreover, Microsoft claims that Microsoft Surface tablets are seeing more use than ever before, as coaches and players alike turn to them for quick insight and advice during games. 

Microsoft also said it’s actually a good sign that NFL superstars Johnny Manziel and Aaron Rogers abused their Surface tablets in moments of frustration — it proves that they’re getting info faster, even if they don’t like what they see.

Here are those videos of Manziel and Rogers abusing their Microsoft Surfaces. 


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