Watching football with Microsoft's HoloLens goggles could be something quite incredible

Today, Microsoft unveiled a concept video that shows how its futuristic HoloLens holographic goggles could change the experience of watching NFL games. 

Microsoft isn’t currently working on an actual product similar to what’s depicted in the video, the company is quick to say (although Microsoft does have an ongoing partnership with the NFL).

But the video is an intriguing proof-of-concept for how technology can bring fans closer into the world of professional football.

That’s not just any coffee table anymore:

Bigger screen? Sure:

How about some next level breakout players?

Fantasy stats:

And taking control of the action?

It looks pretty cool. But one thing to note, is that the video kind of overstates the HoloLens’ actual viewing area, which is actually just a small rectangle in front of you. 

Still, it’s a very promising sign of the futuristic times to come. 

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