Windows saviour Gets Big Promotion


Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky will become president of its Windows division, reports Techflash.

Steven was previously SVP of the Windows and Windows Live engineering group.

There, he’s made a name for himself, helping Microsoft overcome its Windows Vista debacle with a much better-received Windows 7.

This promotion might be a sign of Ballmer’s confidence in Sinofsky’s abilities says Techflash:

“Windows 7 is receiving terrific feedback from customers, partners, analysts alike, and the entire Windows team has done a great job,” wrote Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in an internal email to employees announcing Sinofsky’s promotion

With Windows 7 almost finished, Microsoft wants “to ensure we are setting up for the next release and continue the market leadership and momentum that we have with Windows today,” Ballmer wrote in his message to employees. “Accordingly, I am pleased to announce today that Steven Sinofsky will be promoted to President of the Windows Division.”

Bill Veghte, the current SVP in charge of Windows sales and marketing, will move to another role, unannounced as of now.

Image: MSDPE

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