Microsoft (MSFT) Not "Deciding" Anything: Companies Obviously Close To Deal And Negotiating

From SILICON ALLEY INSIDER: Some folks seem to be under the impression that Microsoft (MSFT) is having trouble making up its mind about what to do about Yahoo (YHOO) and that that’s why we haven’t heard anything.


The silence suggests that two companies are negotiating furiously behind the scenes. The fact that CNBC’s David Faber was able to report this morning that we won’t hear anything until the weekend (if then) suggests that the companies have found–or are close to finding–common ground.

In fact, the longer the silence lasts, the more likely we are to get a deal. The companies are very close–$33 and $37, per the Journal–so a deal seems likely even without serious negotiations. But at this point, if there were any true deal-killers on either side, Microsoft already would have walked (or gone hostile or whatever).

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