Microsoft 'Mohoro' Could Be A Whole New Way To Use Windows

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In addition to the next version of Windows known as Windows Blue, Microsoft is also working on something called Mohoro, which would be a form of Windows that’s served up remotely over the network, reports ZDnet Mary Jo Foley.

Apparently Mohoro will be a way to use the Windows desktop in a software-as-a-service way, dubbed “desktop as a service.”

That means instead of having Windows installed on the PC or tablet, the device would grab Windows and apps from the Internet and beam it to your device.

We don’t know the details about Mohoro, or even when Microsoft will publicly talk about it. But generally speaking, desktop-as-a-service means that employees can use any device, even an iPad or Mac, to run Windows and Windows apps in a window or browser.

Employers like it because it makes PCs easier to manage. Instead of dealing with individual PCs, they can secure data, update software, revoke access when an employee leaves, all from their data centres.

Desktop-as-a-service isn’t a new concept. Microsoft has been working with partner Citrix for years. Other vendors include Desktone, VMware, Wipro. But Microsoft does not allow partners to offer a full version of Windows 7 as a service.

Mohoro would be Microsoft’s first attempt to do this kind of thing itself.

We expect to hear more about it next month at Microsoft’s annual developer’s conference, Build.

We’ve reached out to Microsoft for comment and will update if we hear back.

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