Microsoft Has A Full-Blown Mall Right On Its Massive Headquarters

Microsoft Commons 06

There is a full-blown shopping mall right on the grounds of Microsoft’s sprawling campus in Redmond, Washington. 

The Commons, as its called, opened in 2009. It’s on Microsoft’s West Campus and its near the buildings that house the Xbox group. 

When we recently visited Microsoft’s campus we spent some time walking through the Commons. If you’re at work and you need to knock out some chores like banking, or a hair cut, the Commons is a pretty neat. 

Here's an overview of the Commons, and its outdoor space.

Outside of the building, there's a big soccer field.

And here's The Commons.

Welcome inside the Microsoft Commons, a two-floor food court and shopping mall.

Towards the front of the Commons area is this giant elephant.

A jazz band was setting up to play some music for the Microsofties.

Get some coffee, or juice in the Commons.

Pike Place, which is a famous Seattle thing, has its own operations here.

In the Pike Place market, there's a piggie.

There's a pinball machine off to the side.

There are Windows computers sitting out for people to demo.

More Microsoft stuff on display for all.

Here's a bike shop where you can get a new bike, or just pay for a tune-up to your current bike.

The First Tech credit union if you want to do some banking.

Each of the major carriers has its own store. They only sell Windows phones, no iPhones, no Androids. Sprint didn't even carry a Windows Phone until recently, so it was a lonely place.

Just outside the carrier stores, there's this machine where you can trade in old phones for cash.

The Commons is mostly food, like the Eastern Grill.

Vegans welcome! The Vegan corner.

The Noodle Bowl, if you're into noodles.

Cooks cranking away to make food.

Plenty of seating. (In a 2009 story, Microsoft said this place served 10,000-15,000 people a week.)

A soup bar.

A local classic. The Flying Pie Pizzeria.

Across the way from the Commons is the Spitfire Grill.

Let's take a look inside...

Tres Chic. It has a bar...

And fancy seating.

Back in the commons, there's Acapulco Fresh.

If you need your hair did, the Mode Organic Salon has got you covered.

Or, if you need some instruments, stop by Yenney Music.

Some sweet acoustic axes.

Get your eyes examined.

One last look at the Commons...

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