Microsoft Making It Easier To Ditch Windows For A Mac

mac vs pc

Microsoft is removing one more small barrier that may have prevented some people — especially businesses — from leaving Windows PCs for Apple’s Mac computers.

Specifically, Microsoft announced today that it will allow buyers of the all-new Outlook for Mac to import old messages and calendar events from Outlook for Windows, in the form of .PST files.

This is not a HUGE deal, and seems like an obvious feature. But for some, it — combined with the fact that Outlook for Mac will finally exist in the first place — could be enough to get them to switch platforms. Or at least to give them one less reason to stick with Windows.

Previously, Mac owners who wanted to use Exchange email — or other features Outlook does better than anything else — had to use Microsoft’s unpopular Entourage app, or more recently, the Mail app built into the latest Mac operating system. But only when Office 2011 ships later this year will Mac users finally get a — decent, we hope — version of Outlook.

No word yet on whether Office 2011 fixes another big Mac disadvantage that Microsoft has savoured for years — the relatively lousy edition of Excel it offers Mac users.

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