Microsoft Makes 27 More Changes To Windows 7, Keeps Things On Schedule

Late last month, Microsoft (MSFT) announced 36 changes to the upcoming Windows 7 that came out of complaints/suggestions that arose in beta testing — all the while insisting beta was over and the next version of Windows 7 will be a “release candidate.”

This morning the company announced 27 more changes to Windows — we’re up to 63 total now. And the Windows 7 beta is still closed.

Tweaks, again: Firewire camera support, multi-touch zoom, a better taskbar.

It’s great Microsoft is taking in feedback and making Windows 7 as user-friendly as they can. But given the way the company shrugged off the need for a “beta 2” despite dozens of changes made from “beta 1,” every sign points to a very rapid deployment for Windows 7, possibly as soon as the rumoured September. We just hope all these changes work well — rushed programmers are sloppy programmers.

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