Microsoft Targeting 'Laptop Hunters' Ads To iPhones

microsoft ad sheila

Microsoft’s (MSFT) “Laptop Hunters” ads, in which the company portrays PCs as good deals and Macs as ripoffs, have been a hit on TV. Now they’re headed to mobile phones.

Specifically, they’ll be targeted to Apple’s iPhone, we hear. The campaign is supposed to start today.

Besides peeing on Apple’s lawn, this seems to be Microsoft’s attempt to curb the iPhone’s supposed “halo effect,” where people see how cool the iPhone is and then decide to buy a Mac.

We’re not quite sure which apps/sites will be running the ads. But if you see one of the ads, take a screenshot (push your iPhone’s power and “home” buttons at the same time, it’ll show up in your photo library) and email it to us: [email protected].

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