Speculation Runs Wild Over Microsoft's LA Party Planned For Monday

Ballmer's head lightbulb idea

Photo: AP

We told you that Microsoft is throwing a bash in LA on Monday and won’t say why.So everybody’s asking: Why LA?

Ina Fried, at AllThingsD says Microsoft will be showing off Windows RT tablet devices and highlighting some new content for it. 

That new content must mean some kind of television and movie deal, or maybe music?

Mary Jo Foley, at ZDnet, thinks Microsoft might announcing something to do with its Xbox Music service that Microsoft announced last week at E3 that brings 30 million songs to Windows Phones and PCs.

But perhaps the most outrageous guess so far is from Brier Dudley from the Seattle Times who speculates that maybe Microsoft is buying Hulu — or at least announcing some giant content-sharing deal with Hulu. (Buying Hulu? Microsoft is busy buying Yammer, isn’t it?) Dudley admits he’s just guessing.

One thing’s for certain. If you want to get people buzzing about you, throw them a party and don’t tell them why. Well done, Microsoft.

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