Microsoft Launches Anti-Virus Service, Kills MS Money

Photo by C��sar Astudillo

Microsoft (MSFT) will soon launch its free anti-virus service for PCs, Reuters reports.

Microsoft is currently testing the service, code-named Morro, with its employees. A beta version will be available soon, but no word on a specific date.

Morro will compete with paid providers like Symantec and McAfee.

According to Reuters, Symantec shares fell 0.5 per cent on Nasdaq and McAfee fell 1.3 per cent on the New York Stock Exchange, while Microsoft was up 2.1 per cent.

The Morro news comes a day after Microsoft killed MS Money, its Quicken rival.

“[MS Money] was ultimately doomed by several factors, including a shift away from packaged software, the rise of Internet-based rivals like, and a brutal economy, ” explains CNET.

Microsoft say it is working to develop a tool that will let MS Money users move their information to Quicken.

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