Microsoft Just Put One Of Its Hardcore Technical Geniuses On Xbox

Dave Cutler Microsoft

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Dave Cutler, the Microsoft engineer who invented the core technology used in every version of Windows since 2000, is now working for the Xbox team at Microsoft.Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet got the scoop about Cutler, and Microsoft confirmed it, saying that Cutler will help grow the Xbox from a game console into a “complete home entertainment device.”

Cutler is one of Microsoft’s technical fellows — the highest title for technical folks at the company — and is known as the father of Windows NT. Microsoft started working on NT in the early 1990s when a joint project with IBM to build a next-generation operating system started to break down. It was released first as an operating systems for high-end “workstation” PCs and servers. But by Windows XP, the NT kernel had become the heart of all Windows products, and that’s still the case today.

Cutler was most recently working on Windows Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, but the core technology for that is basically done.

The original Xbox’s operating system was built on a fork of the Windows NT kernel, so Cutler is most likely working on the next generation console, which will probably come out in 2014 or 2015, according to various rumours and reports.