Microsoft Says It’s “Too Soon” To Talk About Windows Phone Sales

joe belfiore

[credit provider=”Asa Mathat | All Things Digital”]

While Microsoft is only too happy to tell you about how well the Kinect is selling, or how many copies of Windows 7 it sold, its lips are sealed when it comes to Windows Phone 7.Joe Belfiore, Microsoft’s VP of mobile, told Walt Mossberg at the All Things D conference, “It’s just too soon to talk about numbers,” when he was asked about sales of Windows Phone 7 devices.

This suggests to us that Windows Phone 7 sales are off to a slow start. Hardly a surprise considering it’s new to the market, and in the U.S. it’s going against the iPhone and Android on AT&T.

In Microsoft’s defence, it has always said mobile is a long term focus. It never promised immediate success.

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