The Secret Fronts In Microsoft's War On Google

ballmer schmidt

The Wall Street Journal has a story uncovering all the sneaky ways Microsoft is trying to shiv Google.

Basically, Microsoft is tied to a few groups that are challenging Google’s online advertising dominance, as well as trying to slow its other areas of growth.

Here’s a few groups with ties to Microsoft that are trying to hurt Google:

  • and have filed antitrust suits against Google. The companies are represented by Charles “Rick” Rule, a long time lawyer for Microsoft. Each of these companies are tiny, and Rick’s representation is suspect in Google’s eyes.
  • The Open Book Alliance is fighting Google’s e-book settlement. It has funding from Microsoft, amongst others. It is run by Gary Reback, who helped Netscape prod Microsoft years ago.
  • Initiative for a Competitive Online Marketplace is Brussels based, Microsoft backed group that says Google tweaks its algorithms to hurt competitors.
  • LMG lobbying firm asked farmers (yes, farmers!) to sign a petition against the Google-Yahoo deal from a few years back. LMG regularly works with Microsoft and says Microsoft asked it to organise the petition.

Read the whole thing at the WSJ →

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