'Microsoft Is Still Searching For Its Own Identity In The Post-PC Era'

Steve Ballmer Microsoft Surface

Photo: AP

Microsoft’s new Surface tablet will do nothing to slow down the iPad, says Apple analyst Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets.In a note this morning, he writes, “If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the compliments from Microsoft poured down like a torrential storm on Apple last night. At the same time, this event indicates to us that Microsoft is still searching for its own identity in the post-PC era, something that has come naturally for Apple with the rise of the mobile Internet.”

He says Microsoft’s tablet is a bigger threat to Android than Apple. He also says Microsoft might be able to carve out a spot for itself in the enterprise world where Windows-compatible computers are required.

Microsoft didn’t announce a price, and White thinks it will take a “healthy discount” to get consumers on board with the Surface. He’s sceptical Microsoft can get the Surface under $400, which is how much the iPad 2 is selling for right now.

The development of a tablet is a huge move for Microsoft and may be crucial to its survival, watch the video below to learn why:

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