These are the three coolest ideas people have come up with for Microsoft's hologram headset

In December, Microsoft solicited ideas from the public for apps to run on its HoloLens holographic goggles.

Today, Microsoft has announced the three finalists of the “Share Your Idea” contest, with general voting on a final winner to open up tomorrow. Microsoft will turn the winner into a real HoloLens app.

And they’re super cool. First up is “Airquarium:”

“Airquarium” would be an interactive, educational aquarium where “[the] User’s room gets populated with a variety of autonomous marine animals.” Tap on a fish to learn more about it, or sprinkle some virtual “food” to get them to swarm around you.

Next is “Grab the Idol,” a puzzle game that fills your room with traps and riddles as you try to unlock the cage that holds the titular idol:

“Hazards include pools of lava on the floor that you must avoid, spinning blades that you must duck under, and switch-activated poison darts that you must dodge,” says Microsoft’s official description.

Finally, the third finalist is “Galaxy Explorer,” an educational app that lets you fly through space, land on a planet, and get a good look around:

“Surfaces in your room are transformed to resemble the landscape of a moon or planet,” says the official description.

These are all pretty cool ideas. Maybe Microsoft will end up making all of them.

The HoloLens is expected to start going out to registered Microsoft developers later this year, at a cost of $3,000 for the first version of the headset.

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