This is Microsoft's bold vision for our holographic future

In February 2015, Microsoft HoloLens project leader Alex Kipman gave a TED conference talk that doubled as an incredible look into how holograms could “teleport” people anywhere and everywhere.

To prove his point, Kipman’s presentation included virtual tours of the Moon and Mars, powered by the Microsoft HoloLens head-mounted computer and the projected “holograms” it creates. 

Now, you can watch Kipman’s entire TED talk, and get your own taste for what Microsoft is shooting for with its HoloLens. 

In a blog entry accompanying the uploaded TED talk, Kipman expands on his vision for HoloLens, while reminding readers that this is only the beginning.  

“HoloLens is a part of that journey, but the technology speaks to concepts so much more than a product — the ability to connect, to overcome space and time to create meaningful connections with other humans. Most exciting of all, this is just the beginning,” Kipman writes. 

One thing to note, though, with Kipman’s talk: The first-generation HoloLens has a significantly smaller viewing area than what Kipman shows here, so it’s not yet the full-body experience that this talk suggests.

The HoloLens Developer Edition, a $3,000 version of the headset for app developers, is starting to ship on March 30th, giving the world its first taste of what Microsoft has in mind for this technology.

NOW WATCH: Here’s Microsoft’s amazing vision for what the HoloLens can do

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