Microsoft Hints That It Will Release Two New Surface Tablets Next Year

microsoft surface pro

We knew that once Microsoft started down the path of becoming a PC maker, it wouldn’t just toss two devices into the world and call it quits.

Now the company has hinted that it has plans to release updated version of both the Surface Pro tablet/PC combo device, and the Surface RT tablet in 2014.

The hint came duping a speech by Microsoft COO Kevin Turner at  the company’s Worldwide Partner Conference happening this week in Houston. Turner showed off a slide that outlined Microsoft’s roadmap for the products in all of its consumer businesses. Among the list of products scheduled for a refresh is the Surface Pro and the Surface RT, as spotted by the Verge’s Tom Warren.

Beyond showing these devices on the refresh roadmap, Microsoft hasn’t offered any other details.

Microsoft product roadmap

However, as Warren points out, Microsoft has talked about Intel’s new Haswell chip and promised that Windows 8 devices, which promise longer batter life, will be here in the fall.  So it’s not unreasonable to speculate that Microsoft could be working on new Haswell devices itself.

Likewise, Microsoft insists that it’s committed to its Windows RT operating system. RT runs on low-powered ARM processors like the one in the iPad and many Android tablets. So an updated Surface RT with the latest ARM processor seems like a reasonable expectation, too. The Verge report says Microsoft is testing a RT device with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor right now. That’s cool because the chip includes the ability to connect to 3G/4G LTE networks.

The Surface RT with mobile network support could breath some life into the Surface RT line. Most reports say RT has not been a huge success for Microsoft.

The only other hints Microsoft has given is that this refresh will include new colours and new accessories.

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