Microsoft Going Too Fast? 36 Changes To Windows 7 Since Beta, Still No Beta 2


The sooner Microsoft (MSFT) gets Windows 7 out the door (maybe as soon as September), the sooner it puts the Vista bomb behind it.

But how fast is too fast? Microsoft today trumpeted 36 changes it’s made in response to feedback on the Windows 7 Beta release. But none of that new code will undergo formal beta testing with users itself — the next test version of Windows 7 is still the “release candidate,” meaning Microsoft considers things just about wrapped up.

Most of the new changes seem like good ideas, and probably aren’t too technically complicated. Some new Mac-like keyboard shortcuts employing the Apple key Windows key, a better touch keyboard, an improved interface to find and connect to wi-fi networks.

But with Microsoft putting in so many changes after the Beta, we hope they don’t realise they need more after the release candidate. Because once the RC comes out, there’s not much room left to manoeuvre.