Microsoft let people cuddle with adorable baby animals at its big conference this week

Wally Sysak

This week, Microsoft held its annual Build conference for developers in Seattle, where it announced advancements in its artificial intelligence tech and updates to the Windows operating system.

But we’re not here to discuss that.

We’re here to talk about the Cuddle Corner – a section of the Microsoft Build show floor where attendees could blow off some steam by, well, cuddling with rabbits, puppy dogs, baby lambs, and even a miniature horse.

It was, by many accounts, a highlight of Build. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella almost went to get his cuddle on, but decided against it at the last second, according to a Geekwire report. Oh well.

I wasn’t there, but fortunately, a friend was on the ground in Seattle to check it out. A picture of a miniature horse is worth a thousand words, so check out the cuddle corner:

Welcome to the Cuddle Corner, where Microsoft Build attendees could get some downtime with cute animals including rabbits, dogs, and a miniature horse.

Wally Sysak

Let’s get a better look at the tiny horses, shall we?

Wally Sysak

Don’t be fooled by that last photo: The horses had plenty of room to move around.

Wally Sysak

Wally Sysak

And they had good company, like this sleepy golden retriever.

Wally Sysak

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