Microsoft Exec: We're Shocked Sony Hasn't Cut PS3 Prices Yet (SNE)

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 continues to hammer Sony’s PS3 across the globe because Sony (SNE) refuses to lower the PS3’s price below $400.

Even Microsoft (MSFT) executives say they’re surprised Sony hasn’t cut the PS3’s price already.

Microsoft director of product management for Xbox 360 Aaron Greenberg told Edge:

“We absolutely expect the PS3 price drop to happen in the next couple of months. We’re frankly surprised it’s taken this long….

I would expect they’d have to move on price, sooner than later, for sure.”

The problem for Sony is that the hottest games of the day are generally available for both systems, so price-conscious gamers are choosing to get the same experiences on the Xbox for less money.

That leaves Sony justifying the PS3’s premium pricing on the console’s Blu-ray capabilities, which no one cares about.

If Sony doesn’t act soon, the Xbox community could grow so large that network effects may make selling the PS3 a dogfight even at similar pricing, despite Sony’s system having superior graphics.

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