A Reddit AMA Featuring A Top Microsoft Exec Was Mysteriously Shut Down

The folks at Microsoft love doing Reddit “ask me anything” sessions. Bill Gates just did one earlier this month, and a top Windows exec, Brad Anderson, was scheduled to do one on Thursday.

The company often uses them to show off what can politely be called its “Microsoft pride.”

For instance, Anderson, who is corporate vice president of Windows Server & System Center (the version of Windows that runs on corporate servers), was asked if he has an iPad.

True answer: Yes.

But, he explained, “I bought the original, and I can tell you it hasn’t been turned on since I got all the kids Surfaces. True story.”

Note that the original iPad came out way before Microsoft introduced its first Surface.

The AMA was clicking along like that until it mysteriously crashed and vanished. Anderson seemed bummed but good natured about it. He tweeted:

“today’s @reddit_AMA crashed, burned & then shut down for unknown reasons. once things get fixed, i’ll post my responses. maybe next time!”

Later, however, he couldn’t resist a subtle dig at Microsoft’s cloud competitor, Amazon Web Services (AWS). When Anderson posted the AMA (such as it was) on his “In the Cloud” blog, he linked to the tweet below.

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