WATCH OUT: Microsoft's Earnings Are Going To Be A Little Screwy Because Of That $6.2 Billion Writedown

steve ballmer

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Microsoft is reporting earnings today after the close of the market. We’ll have live coverage of the numbers as soon as they hit, so tune in.This quarter is going to be a little bit more chaotic than usual because of the $6.2 billion writedown the company announced at the start of the month. That write down is because the online business has failed to perform as expected and its $6 billion acquisition of aQuantive didn’t produce.

Analysts haven’t baked the writedown into their earnings estimates, so when the numbers are released there could be some confusion.

Here’s how to sort it out: Revenue will be a straight comparison, but the EPS and operating income numbers will require a tiny amount of arithmetic. To get comparison for those numbers we have to add the writedown number to the GAAP number. Microsoft should have a table listing the write down numbers, GAAP numbers, and non-GAAP numbers.

So what are analysts looking for? According to Yahoo Finance: Revenue of $18.12 billion and EPS of $0.62.

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