Microsoft: Don't Start Spending That $100 Billion To Computerize Medical Records Yet (MSFT)

There’s being a good citizen, and there’s being a good businessperson. At least when it comes to healthcare, Microsoft (MSFT) says they’re the former.

The incoming Obama administration is pushing a $100 billion initiative to computerize medical records. Ahead of Congressional hearings on the issue Microsoft Health Solutions VP Peter Neupert says Micrsoft isn’t focused on making money from the new program. Yet.

CNET: In stark contrast to the many businesses beating a path to Washington to beg for money, Microsoft is urging caution as the government looks to spend billions on digitizing health care.

Peter Neupert, the former CEO, who now heads Microsoft’s health care unit, said investment is a “necessary, but not sufficient” condition for improvement and said that spending money on computer technology may not even be the right first step…

Noble words — but we expect Peter has plans to make sure those new medical records sysems are running on Microsoft technology.

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