Microsoft Just Hired A Designer With This Radical Vision For Its Brand

the next microsoft

Photo: Andrew Kim

Last July, a designer named Andrew Kim took it upon himself to come up with a wild and “aggressively minimal” vision for Microsoft’s brand.

He called it “The Next Microsoft.”

His mission was to update Microsoft’s brand from one that was “outdated,” “slow,” “corporate,” and “conservative,” to one that represents the future – “almost science fiction.”

He did this without Microsoft’s knowledge or blessing – all on his own.

When he finished, he posted the new look to his personal Website.

He got a huge reaction from the press – with links from Business Insider and elsewhere.

He also got one from Microsoft.

Kim just announced that he’s joined Microsoft’s Xbox division, and will start work there this summer.

An ominous start to the presentation...

The old Microsoft logo

Here's the new, simpler Microsoft logo from Kim

And here's what he thinks should be the guiding principles

This is how the Windows logo has evolved through the years

He thinks the products are great, but the marketing is not

This is his idea for a new logo. It's used for the Surface tablet, but it's versatile.

Using that same shape, he redesigns the logos for Windows and Office

And now we see the shape a few ways ...

Like it yet?

How about now?


Last one!

And here's how it would look on Microsoft's gadgets

Looks good, but very Apple-y. (Too many companies are trying to be like Apple.)

It works, no?

It's a simple, unified branding

The angles work together

A simplified Windows and a simplified Windows logo

This is too Apple-y

What the phone looks like as it loads

He likes that Microsoft has a totally digital interface, but he's not into the colours

Here are the new colour options

He also wants to make some other subtle tweaks

So, what do we think? Better, worse, or the same?

Want more Microsoft design?

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