Microsoft Cuts Xbox Price In Asia -- More Cuts To Follow?

xbox 360

Microsoft (MSFT) is cutting the price of the Xbox 360 in four Asian markets: Singapore, Hong Kong, China and South Korea. The cuts are between 5% (South Korea) and 20% (Singapore). Last month, when Microsoft cut prices in Europe, sales of the 360 soared. If the same happens in Asia, we can probably expect to see an American price cut; the last one was in August 2007.

As it stands, the Sony’s rival PS3 (SNE) is $400, while the cheapest Xbox 360 is $280; the mid-range version, more comparable to the PS3, is $350. But as we’ve said before, we’re not convinced that Xbox price cuts will require Sony to follow suit — its Blu-ray player, once an expensive handicap, now looks like a clear advantage.

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