Microsoft Could Outsource Its Entire Ad Biz To Facebook Or Yahoo [The Brief]

Steve Ballmer Mark ZuckerbergMicrosoft’s Steve Ballmer and Facebok’s Mark Zuckerberg.

Good morning, Adland. Here’s what you need to know today:

Will Microsoft outsource its advertising to Facebook in its big corporate reorg? Adweek has some informed speculation about the Advertising unit’s fate, including the idea that it might outsource advertising to Facebook or Yahoo: “…Microsoft could execute its big reorg, spare advertising, and then begin the process of fully outsourcing ad sales and operations to a company like Yahoo or Facebook. ‘That way you could take it off the books and still blunt Google,’ said one source. ‘We know Zuckerberg would love to help with that.'”

Carly Foukes is back for T-Mobile, sort of. The company is figuring out a new role for the girl in pink. Meanwhile, her are four new ads starring Bill Hader.

Samsung has switched digital agencies. Publicis Groupe’s Razorfish is out, Interpublic’s R/GA is in. R/GA handled the Jay-Z album sponsorship for Samsung.

Anheuser-Busch InBev has signed up Rihanna and Jay-Z for an 85-country campaign.

Everything you need to know about why a giant model of Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice was planted waist deep in a London lake.

Watch this is an incredible water repellent product demo video for NeverWet.

Triggit, one of Facebook’s 17 FBX DSPs, is on track to do $50-$100 million in gross media billings.

RadioShack has a new logo and a new retail look.

Brian Gleason is the new managing director, North America at WPP’s Xaxis. He joins from IDG TechNetwork and IDG Consumer & SMB where he was chief revenue officer. Gleason succeeds Paul Dolan, who was promoted to senior vice president, global business development.

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