Microsoft's Siri Competitor Is Coming To Windows Computers

Microsoft just announced that its Cortana personal assistant will be available for the desktop in Windows 10. We’ve been hearing about this feature for the past few months, and now Microsoft has showed us what it will look like.

This means Cortana will be available across Windows smartphones, PCs, and tablets. On stage at its event, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore showed how Cortana could be used on the desktop, cautioning that its an early build and may not reflect the final version.

Cortana will offer up notifications on the bottom of your screen. You’ll be able to launch Cortana by simple speaking out loud just like you can on Windows Phone.

Based on Belfiore’s demo, it seems like the desktop version of Cortana works exactly the same as it does on a phone. You can add and remove things from her “notebook,” which allows you to control what type of information she knows about you.

But she does come with a few new features catered towards PC users. For example, you can ask her to pull up PowerPoint slides for you. She’ll be able to play music from your computer and search for files, too.

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