Microsoft COO Kevin Turner: "The iPhone 4 Might be Their Vista"

kevinturner tbi

Microsoft’s COO Kevin Turner just had a quote for the ages.

Speaking at the Worldwide Partner Conference in D.C., Turner said of Apple’s iPhone 4 antenna problems, “It looks like the iPhone 4 might be their Vista, and I’m OK with that,” according to ComputerWorld.

First of all, Apple sold more iPhone 4s over its opening weekend than any other iPhone prior. Second, we’ve seen no evidence (and neither have analysts) that this iPhone 4 antenna problem is effecting sales.

Finally, it’s really poor form to diss Apple by comparing it to your own crappy product. We’re pretty much flabbergasted Turner said this.

Turner also said Windows phones would be ready by the fall, and dissed the famous “death grip” problem with the iPhone 4, saying, “One of the things I want to make sure you know today is that you’re going to be able to use a Windows Phone 7 and not have to worry about how you’re holding it to make a phone call.”

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