The Logo For Microsoft's Big Developers Conference Looks A Lot Like 4chan's Most Notorious Message Board

Build Logo 1The Build logo.

Microsoft has kicked off its developers conference in San Francisco this week, which it calls Build.

The company has plastered the //build/ logo all over San Francisco’s Moscone centre … and even came up with a shortcut that looks like “/b”.

The only problem is that /b looks very much like /b/, which is the symbol for the 4chan “random” message board where some of the most notorious stuff on the Internet takes place.

4chan is an image board where people can anonymously post all sorts of things from comments to photos. It boasts¬†135,630 users who have posted nearly 1.3 billion times. They talk about everything from Anime to video games. This is the site that helped bring the “lolcats” Internet meme into the world.

Users don’t need to register to participate and that veil of privacy means that 4chan has also been embroiled in more than a little controversy.¬† The board called /b/ is known as the birthplace of the hacking group Anonymous. It’s a destination for those who get Rickrolled, was the spot where Sarah Palin’s hacked email landed, and hosts all kinds of other unsavory stuff.

Here’s the Microsoft Build logo in action:

Build logo 2Another look at the shortened Build logo.

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