Microsoft Cofounder Paul Allen: Book Doesn’t Bash Bill Gates

Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen has a memoir called “Idea Man” coming out next week, and on Sunday he’ll appear on “60 Minutes” and defend some of the things he wrote about Bill Gates in the book.

In an early excerpt published by Vanity Fair, Allen tells how Gates pressured him into taking a smaller share of the company, then talked about ousting him when he was sick with cancer in the early 1980s.

But as Allen tells Lesley Stahl in this excerpt, the book is mainly about setting the record straight about the early history of Microsoft, which has been the source of countless rumours and conflicting tales over the years. Allen was there, so he’d know.

Allen also explains how Gates visited and comforted him when he was diagnosed with cancer a second time in 2009. The two still share a strong bond from their childhood and the intensity of Microsoft’s first few years. Allen hasn’t discussed the book with Gates yet, but doesn’t think he’ll have to apologise.

We’ll be sharing more of Allen’s great stories about Gates and the early days of Microsoft next week.