Microsoft CFO Liddell: Yahoo Deal ‘Incredibly Useful’, But We’ll Go It Alone


Microsoft (MSFT) CFO Chris Liddell talked about Yahoo (YHOO) for a bit at the Goldman Sachs’ Technology and Internet Conference, and yeah, he wants a deal.

“It [a search deal] would be an incredibly useful step, but it’s not a panacea and we don’t see it as a panacea. If it works, great, but if it doesn’t happen, that’s OK too,” Chris said.

“No one inside Microsoft says we’ve done as well [at online] as we should have. There’s no silver bullet. We have to have a plan that excludes Yahoo.”

“We need to try different things like cashback. We need more distribution deals. We need to think about a new brand. We need to do all these things.”

“With respect to Yahoo, it’s a good increase [in market share], but it won’t solve all these issues.”

Back to square one.