This Is The Incredible Cafe At Microsoft Where The Food Is Better Than (Almost) Anything In Your Home Town For A Third Of The Price

Microsoft Cafe 16 08

Microsoft’s corporate campus in Redmond, Washington has one of the best cafeterias we’ve ever eaten at. 

It’s called Cafe 16, and it just reopened after some renovations. We were on campus recently and got two excellent meals at Cafe 16. 

The food isn’t free at Microsoft, like it is at Google. But, the prices are great. A steak with asparagus and quinoa was just $6.50. A hand made personal pizza was only $5.50. And both of those meals tasted as good as anything you’re going to find in the best local restaurant in your neighbourhood. 

If we worked at Microsoft we would definitely eat dinner and lunch here every day.

While we were on the campus, Microsoft had a photographer take photos of its cafe for us. The place is seriously awesome. 

Behind that fountain, tucked into a totally normal looking Microsoft office, is Cafe 16.

Step inside, and this is the first thing you see. It's a bright, open cafe with a lot of food options.

The cafe was under construction for a while and is now being reopened with all sorts of fantastic food choices.

There's a soup and salad bar.

This is on the flip side of the soup and salad bar.

This is a coffee shop that's tucked into the cafe. In the two days I visited, it wasn't super busy because most people are here for meals.

I was told that Microsoft's management was sick of its employees leaving campus to grab better food in town. So, it invited the local restaurants to come to campus and set up shop.

As a result you get stuff like this Global Kitchen.

There's a burger place.

And the Chef's Table.

Here's a better look at some of the fresh food options.

Another close up.

When you've made you food choice, you step up to one of these touch screens and you punch in your order.

It works surprisingly well.

See that sign up to the right? It shows your order number and tells you if it's ready, or if it's in progress.

Personally, I went with the pizza.

I went with fresh mozzarella, onions, and mushrooms.

After it was freshly made, it was popped in the oven...

... a short while later, voila! Delicious, delicious pizza.

For a drink, I went with this fantastic water that's flavored by fruit.

If flavored water isn't your thing, there's free soda all over the place.

Here are some more food porn shots.


A fantastic steak for lunch?

And when you're all done, you can compost the stuff you don't eat.

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